Our story


Hello, Glenn

On July 19, 2013, Sean & Savannah met for the first time. We had been virtually introduced by a mutual friend (what’s up, Mary Grace!), and had arranged to go hiking together. We met in the backseat of a Lyft car, on the way to our first adventure together. It wasn’t a date in Sean’s mind, but Savannah spent an hour trying to decide what to wear beforehand. Once Sean jumped into the car in Downtown SF, sparks instantly flew. We’ll definitely never forget about Glenn, the sweet old man that drove us to Land’s End.

Highway Love

Spontaneity is a big part of our relationship. We could make this story as long or as short as we want, but we’ll keep it short. During our Land’s End hike, Sean revealed that he was planning to drive to LA, to visit his best friend, the very next morning. WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Savannah’s best friend also lives in LA. Sean invited Savannah to accompany him on the 11-hour journey down Highway 1, which would begin at Sunrise. How could she reject that offer? Sean dropped Savannah off at her house at midnight on Friday, and was back to pick her up at 6am the next morning. We were both nervous and unsure, but it didn’t stop us from going on the journey that would change both of our lives.


Venice & Beyond

On July 20, we spent 11 hours together on the scenic highway. Once we arrived in LA, we parted ways and spent time with our friends. On July 22, Sean picked Savannah up in West Hollywood and they began the 11-hour journey back to San Francisco. Okay, ya’ll, this is when sparks really flew. We listened to music, laughed, discovered how much we have in common, and seriously smiled the entire time. When we made it to Big Sur, we stopped to take photos at sunset. Something had changed. During the next hour of the drive, Sean kept glancing over and back at Savannah. She knew something was up. Finally, Sean grabbed Savannah’s hand and held it all the way back to San Francisco. There were literal fireworks, and you could hear two hearts beating.


Lean In

We made it back to San Francisco, and had no idea what was happening. Sean dropped Savannah off at her house in Russian Hill, and leaned in for their first short & sweet kiss before we parted ways. One week later, Savannah told her dad that she had met the man that she was going to marry. 


The Proposal

On January 31, 2015, Sean arranged a sunset hike at Land's End – the place where it all began. It was the day before Sean's birthday and Savannah had zero expectations for anything out of the ordinary. It's not unusual for us to go out of our way to catch a sunrise or sunset, so it seemed like another mini adventure to celebrate Sean's 26th. Sean led Savannah down a path to Mile Rock beach and proposed kneeling on our favorite Pendleton blanket. Savannah's sister, Callie, was hiding in the bushes with one of Savannah's best friends, Kara Mercer, who was there to photograph the entire occasion.